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7 Stages to Write Quality Posts, How to write a quality post?
How to write a quality postPosting every day one of the characteristics lazy blogger. Sound confusing??...... But the fact is so. Posting every day is more like an attempt to avoid the blogger stages of normal writing.
For example, avoid editing stages of writing. Writing the first draft and then editing should be done on different days. All teachers and writing guidebooks warned of this. (correct if I'm wrong).
The time between writing the first draft to edit at least 1 x 24 hours. The range gives you an objective distance to reassess your writing. That's why bloggers who post every day is suspect as lazy blogger. Now you begin to understand the intent of my statement. But editing is only one stage wrote a post that should be passed by a blogger.

This post will describe the seven stages of writing quality posts. Check if you miss one step. Be careful because it could indicate you are a lazy blogger. So make sure you read this post until the end.

7 Stages to Write Quality Posts

Actually there is no convention on how to write a post. Every blogger has a different approach. But there is one thing we agree upon. Readers and search engines (after panda algorithm changes) loves a quality post.

Quality posts to help you out from the crowd blogosphere. According to data, 6,000 posts published every minute. Without enough time to write, our post might end up like straw in a pile of needles (please justified).
At least there are 7 stages to write quality posts. Time to complete each stage is different between bloggers. But clearly difficult to finish in 1 day.
Only a diligent blogger who can finish seventh stage. So assume this post can be a tool to measure your level of laziness.

Let's get started;

1. Looking for ideas based readers

You can just write a post 'whatever u like'. But if your goal is attract readers, you must find the idea of ​​writing based on their wishes.
The place to find the desired article ideas readers include:
  • • Reader comments on another blog 
  • • The question on the forums 
  • • Traffic conversation about the topic of your blog on social media 
  • • Another way is to use the free tools to monitor trends recently topic. 

2. Survey similar posts

Type in the keywords of your writing ideas on the search box. Pay attention to the 10 articles that appeared on the first page. Pay attention to what they write miss.
This stage helps avoid posting similarity. Use their shortcomings to highlight the advantages of your posts.

3. Survey keyword

You can use AdWords or Market Samurai (premium) to assess the prospects of keywords from your writing ideas.
Pay attention to the keywords that many people search for the idea. Note also relevant keywords.
Naturally your brain will keep a list of keywords. When writing, one by one keyword will appear in the sentence itself without the need to force it. This method is more natural and relatively generate keyword density in reasonable quantities.

4. Designing the structure of writing

The structure will guide you wrote. Write sentences that establish the points between the main idea. Possible sentences core was the forerunner of the sub-headings or bullets.
Usually I continued writing stage of this structure to be a first draft in one sitting.
Writing the first draft does not need to be a genius. Any formula written in this world comes from the classical structure of Aristotle; Beginning - Middle - End. Simple, is not it?

Begin writing with background on why you are posting is important for the reader. Describe briefly about the benefits of reading.
Mid writing course discuss your main idea. In general argument, data, facts, case examples, and your assumptions. Then end with the landing calls to action, or a quick summary of the contents of the post. Completed.

5. Editing

Editing should be done on different days. You can be more objketif in assessing writing after away - at least 1 x 24 hours.
Editing means repeatedly read from top to bottom. That's the easiest way to find irregularities sentence structure, grammar and spelling in writing. Read it again, again and again. Even better if you read it aloud.
You should not edit the style of your language. The language is 'authentic voice' you and usually appears natural in the first draft. I often feel the first draft is a reflection of my character in everyday life.

6. Specify a title

Teacher of copywriting said "Half of the writing time should be spent to seek an appropriate title."
Without a catchy title, quality posts you will be ignored readers.
Writing a clickable titles relatively easy. I suggest you download the ebook (FREE) CopyBlogger that contains a collection of titles.

7. Selecting quality images

Data from skyword mention that total views content with relevant images and infografic increased 94% than not. So do not you underestimate this stage.
Looking for a picture or photo quality is not an issue for customers Shutterstock. But poor blogger (like me) usually have to searched our Flickr collection creative commons labeled. It does not matter because the rewards accordingly.
Selecting and placing an image or photo into the post also has a special trick. Wrong vote and the placement can be bad for your post. To know the trick, please read How Images Improve-or Destroy-Conversion Rates on Derek Halpern blog's.

Even full-time blogger feels too difficult to finish seventh stage above within one day. That is the reason why I'm often suspicious of bloggers who post every day as a lazy blogger (including Seth Godin).

Time to Assess Your Self
Do you feel so hard through 7 stages of writing a post above?
Your answer also to determine who you are.

By the way, why to write a post sounds like a serious job very well? But it's blogging is serious work? Whatever your purpose of blogging, do not underestimate your blog posts. If it was not us who appreciate it, who will be?

In closing, I would like to quote again the statement from Yaro Starak on Blueprint Profits of Blog According to Yaro, of the reasons why of the many blogs only a few successful, the answer :
"Most of the bloggers are lazy"
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